What?   No photos of girls?    Why not?

Here’s a short story to help explain why we don’t show photos of our 25 wonderful girls on the site.

~ The story of our dancer “Alexis” she is 21 years and from Copenhagen ~

Your morning coffee has brewed and as you head over to the coffee machine something catches your eye. From your kitchen window you spot “Alexis”, your neighbor’s daughter.  Oh my! You can see her short blue denim skirt, those long slender legs, her shiny red patent leather high heels with black soles. To top off this angelic sight, “Alexis” is wearing a white tube-top, tight enough to perfectly outline her full breasts.

Staring dreamily out the window, you wonder where she have been the hole night?

Your wife walks into the kitchen and you’re drawn back to reality…”Good morning honey, can I pour you a coffee?”

As your workday passes by and dinner hour approaches, the question of “Alexis” has stayed on your mind, but now it’s time for grab a couple of beers with the colleagues, and one of the colleague suggest beers on Madame Amour in Istedgade.

When you enter Madame Amour, you find a good table infront of the big stage, behold, it’s that angelic creature “Alexis” again. There she is – lying on the stage, almost nude and smiling to you.

Point of the story: “Alexis” would prefer we not display her photo on the site. She, along with the other girls who work here are probably one of your neighbors.

They prefer a little bit of anonymity, and we agree –  anonymity is a good thing.


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